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I have a list on emberjs. I want to create a new elements of that list with data from server. The data are transmitted via ajax in json format and looks like this:

  "status": "success",
      "user1": "test",
      "create_datetime": "2013-03-30 10:36:24+00:00"

How to fill ember.js models of my list?

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This can be done by iterating over your returned material data. (coffeescript)


App.Material = Ember.Object.extend
  userId: null
  createDateTime: null

App.Item = Ember.Object.extend
  status: null
  materials: []


App.ItemController = Ember.ObjectController.extend

  init: ->

  loadData: =>
      url: "/api/items"
      success: (data) =>
        if data?    
          # create an item object
          item = App.Item.create
                   status: data.status

          # loop through all materials for current item
          for material in data.material
            # push materials onto item.material stack
            item.materials.pushObject App.Material.create
                                        userId: material.user1
                                        createDateTime: material.create_datetime

          # set the controllers content to the item
          @set('content') item
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