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I am interested in very high speed logging within log4net(around 10K messages per second). to that end i thought of implementing the following modules:

  1. protocol buffers based Layout (IRawlayout) - for superior serialization performance
  2. shared memory appender and Plugin - to reduce IPC between the logging application and the logging server.

is this the way to integrate those technologies?

i also considered using ETW within log4net but they seem to be too different to be elegantly intergrated.

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I once looked at google protobuffer and came to a conclusion that it won't be as great help with logging as it seems at first. Logging involves lots of text, which is same text everywhere anyway. So, portability of protobuffers is not an advantage. As to the speed I'm also not sure, you still have to transmit the same text over the wire to the server either packed into a protobuffer packet or tagged by xml. This, of course, is relevant if you are logging textual information. In case of binary logging it would probably be a cool thing to do though.

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