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I'm using native mongo driver in Joyent cloud, the node.js application runs fine locally but in Joyent when i run with usrname/pswd that they provided it fails to connect. following is the code used to connect:

var db = new MongoDB(dbName, new Server('localhost', 27017 , {auto_reconnect: true}), {w: 1});
db.open(function(e, db){
if (e) {
} else{
    console.log('connected to database :: ' + dbName);
    //db.admin().authenticate('admin', '+(uihghjk', function(de , db){
    // if(e){
    //     console.log("could not authenticate");
    // }else {
    //console.log('connected to database :: ' + dbName);
    // }
    // });

Has anyone used native node.js driver in Joyent.


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The above commented code works fine for authentication. The problem was they mixed up with credentials provided for mongodb, to verify login and password, ssh to joyent and enter $(mdata-get mongodb_pw), verify the given pswd works in "mongo -uadmin -p$(mdata-get mongodb_pw) admin" –  santosh Apr 21 '13 at 3:16

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Easier if you just use MongoClient

MongoClient.connect('mongodb://admin:password@localhost:27017/db', function (err, db) {
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