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I have a template function in coffeescript running on the client:

Template.leftNav.starred = () ->
   user = Meteor.user()
   if ! user 
        starredPages = user.profile.starredPages
        starred =  Entries.find({ _id :{in: starredPages}}).fetch()

Meteor.user() returns

Object {_id: "AHSwfYgeGmur9oHzu", profile: Object}
  _id: "AHSwfYgeGmur9oHzu"
  profile: Object
  starredPages: Array[4]
     0: "asdasdasdasdasd"
     1: "abc123"
     2: "blobby"
     3: "bxSbMgszYxbCqDonF"

and Meteor Entries.find({}) returns:

     Meteor.Collection {_makeNewID: function, _transform: null, _manager: Meteor._LivedataConnection, _collection: LocalCollection, _name: "entries"…}
    _collection: LocalCollection
    _savedOriginals: null
    docs: Object
            _id: "M3vDJNMZJjBDfrc7D"
            _id: "bxSbMgszYxbCqDonF"

Executing the code in the template function:

starredPages = user.profile.starredPages
starred =  Entries.find({ _id :{in: starredPages}}).fetch()

starred returns as a blank array even though the bxSbMgszYxbCqDonF value in the starredPages array matches the _id value in the collection array.

Why is this and how to a make it return the matches between the starredPages array and the _id's?

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You need to use $in

starred =  Entries.find({ _id :{$in: starredPages}}).fetch()

Simple typo ;)

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face = palm thanks! – funkyeah Apr 20 '13 at 19:56

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