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I read this question on career cup but didn't find any good answer other than 'SkipList'. The description of SkipList that I found on wikipedia was interesting, however, I didn't understand some terms like 'geometric/binomial distrubution'... I read what it is and goes deep into probabilistic theory. I simply wanted to implement a way to make some searching quicker. So here's what I did: 1. Created indexes. - I wrote a function to create say 1000 nodes. Then, I created an array of type linked list and looped through the 1000 nodes and picked every 23rd element (random number that came in my mind) and added to the array which I call 'index'.

    SLL index = new SLL[50]

Now the function to to create the index:

    private static void createIndex(SLL[] index, SLL head){
    int count=0;
    SLL temp = head;
        temp = temp.next;
            index[i] = temp;

Now finally the 'find' function. In that function, I first take the input element say 769 for example. I go through the 'index' array and find index[i]>769. Thus, now I pass head = index[i-1] and tail = index[i] to the 'find' function. It will then search between a short range of 23 elements for 769. Thus, I calculated that it takes a total of 43 jumps (including the array jumps and the node=node.next jumps) to find the element I wanted which otherwise would have taken 769 jumps.

Please Note: I consider the code to create index array NOT a part of searching, thus I do not add its time complexitiy(which is terrible) with the 'find' function's time complexity. I assume that this creation of index should be done as a separate function after a list has been created, OR, do it timely. Just like it takes time for a webpage to show up on google searches. Also, this question was asked in a Microsoft interview and I wonder if the solution I provided would be any good or would I look like a fool for providing such kind of a solution. The solution has been written in Java. Waiting for your feedback.

Thanks! :)

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This solution will unlikely help you during interview unless you can clearly explain why this solution is not providing any significant benefits. –  Alexei Levenkov Apr 20 '13 at 20:19
So basically, this solution isn't providing any significant benefits right? –  Parikksit Bhisay Apr 20 '13 at 20:41

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