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While in my /Desktop folder and I type in terminal npm root' I get the path/Users/Cathy/node_modules`.

However, node_modules doesn't exist, so that path is incorrect.

If I'm in the /Users folder and I type in terminal npm root' I get the path/Users/node_modules`. That folder doesn't exist either.

I have no idea when that false path got set or how they got set. Or if the folder doesn't exist, why does npm root report it exists??

If I'm in a project I'm working on, npm root takes me to the right location where my modules live.

So, this is not causing me problems, but I want to understand what's going on. (I don't think I ever did an npm install within those folders which are closer to the root directory.)


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npm root prints the location of node_module folder effective for a particular location.

This means output is what will be used for installation. It does not mean if anything is installed there. It is for just for user support.

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Ah, that's simple and neat - just appending node_modules to the path to the current working directory so people like me get reminded what the folder structure is. Thanks for the answer. – cathy.sasaki Apr 20 '13 at 23:42

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