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I have a java application with a JFrame that contains a JMenuBar. I am using the Windows L&F.

When the JMenuBar is active, the selected JMenu is highlighted. The user can move to the previous/next JMenu by pressing the left/right arrows keys.

The problem I am having is with disabled JMenus. In the Windows L&F, disabled JMenus are not skipped when traversed with the arrow keys and they are also not highlighted. When the user moves onto a disabled JMenu, there is no visual clue as to where he is.

Is there any way to modify the JMenuBar behavior so that it skips disabled JMenus?

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Trying to figure out how navigation is done, I was looking at BasicPopupMenuUI where I found two methods called next/previousEnabledChild(...) that are checking the following UIManager property:


So after setting the LAF to windows I add the following line of code:

UIManager.put("MenuItem.disabledAreNavigable", Boolean.FALSE);

and it now works as you expect.

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Fantastic! Thanks so much for your help. –  user2302873 Apr 21 '13 at 1:13

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