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I'm using Play 2.1.1 and in application.conf I add the following custom dispatcher:

# Dispatcher for round-robin actors
play {
    akka {
        actor {
            rr-dispatcher = {
                type = BalancingDispatcher
                executor = fork-join-executor
                fork-join-executor {
                    parallelism-min = 2
                    parallelism-factor = 2
                    parallelism-max = 24
                # messages per actor before jumping
                throughput = 100

I try to use it on an actor:

private val default = Akka.system.actorOf(Props[MessageRouterActor].withRouter(FromConfig()).withDispatcher("rr-dispatcher"), "msgRouter")

But I get this message stating the dispatcher couldn't be found:

[info] play - Starting application default Akka system.
[WARN] [04/20/2013 22:05:12.069] [] [Dispatchers] Dispatcher [rr-dispatcher] not configured, using default-dispatcher

As far as I've seen this seems to be the correct way to add it. Anyone knows what's the issue?

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You have to put the full config value path: withDispatcher("") (or perhaps even "")

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That was it, thanks :) – Pere Villega Apr 21 '13 at 11:26
This saved me sooooo much time, thanks! – Jaap Sep 24 '13 at 15:49

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