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I am developing a Wordpress site to allow users to sell musical productions, I would like to have PHP handle the media as that would be the most secure but I am a novice and I don't have a coder on tap.

The issue I am running into is trying to allow an already uploaded file to be played via PHP without having to input a direct url to the content (in the excerpt) in order for it to render an audio player.

What I am wondering is if this is possible via stream_filter_append configuration or would I need something else? In any event I wouldn't know how to code that either.

Am I to understand that whatever code is needed would have to be implemented in a functions file, correct?

For any and all help you can give, I thank you very much.

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How are you playing the file? How are you storing it? –  Mr. Lavalamp Apr 20 '13 at 21:28

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I have no idea how you are playing the file, or even storing it for that matter, because you didn't tell us. If, just as an example, they were stored in a folder called 'audio_files' and then in another folder with the user's username, and you wanted to use an HTML 'audio' element with the browser's built in controls, you could do it like this:

Page URL: sellMyMusic.com/profile.php?username=testaccount1

    $username = $_GET['username'];  //In this case, testaccount1
    $audio_files = glob("audio_files/$username/*.wav");
    foreach ($audio_files as $audio_file) {
            <audio controls>
                <source src="<?php echo $audio_file; ?>" type="audio/mp3" />
                <source src="<?php echo $audio_file; ?>" type="audio/ogg" />
                Your browser does not support this type of audio file.

You would place this code right in the page wherever you wanted the audio to appear.

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