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I just started experimenting with node & express, and am trying to load the content of various HTML files into a single web page with Ajax.

I want the URL shown in the address bar to reflect the actual file structure on my server; so for instance when a user clicks a link with href="posts/thePost.html", instead of actually going to that page, I use click(), preventDefault(), and Ajax to load the content in a div, then pushState() and window.onpopstate to make the address bar show the relative path of the file. I do not want to use the hash (#) symbol or queries (?=) or anything like that, I want normal URLs.

This works fine, but when I refresh the page, the file located at the URL (i.e. posts/thePost.html) is displayed instead of index.html with the loaded content. Is there a way to use node to fix this, maybe by intercepting the request and displaying the content of index.html instead? I've tried to search this but haven't been having any luck.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. In short, the behavior that I'm looking for is that no matter what URL the address bar shows when the page is refreshed, index.html should be served up instead.

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That's rather easy to do:

function serveIndex(req, res) {
    return res.sendfile('index.html');
app.get('*', serveIndex);
app.head('*', serveIndex);

You'll likely want to put this after your other routes so you don't end up clobbering them.

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Thanks for the response. With a little modification that almost works: return send has to be res.send. Unfortunately it just prints the string "index.html" instead of displaying the file's actual contents. On the positive side, it does this regardless of the URL in the address bar, so I'm part of the way there... –  apostl3pol Apr 21 '13 at 5:09
@apostl3pol: No, res.send is completely different from what I was suggesting. You'll need to require send somewhere or alternatively use return require('send')(req, 'index.html').pipe(res);. You may also have to add a dependency into your package.json file (if you have one) or npm install send. –  icktoofay Apr 21 '13 at 5:28
Ahh, okay. Question: from the link you gave, it says "Send is Connect's static() extracted for generalized use". I take it that it's not equivalent to simply using express.static, though. Correct? –  apostl3pol Apr 21 '13 at 5:35
@apostl3pol: Send is what express.static uses to send the files. I first looked for a way to make express.static serve the same file all the time, but I looked at the code and I don't think it's designed to do that, so I went one level down and used Send which is what express.static uses. –  icktoofay Apr 21 '13 at 5:41
Gotcha. And it's working now. It's behavior seems to be very similar to express' sendfile(), which I just discovered. But now my js and css files aren't working. Any tips on this before I go I start hunting for a solution? Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html –  apostl3pol Apr 21 '13 at 5:56

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