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How do I paste unformatted text (csv or tab delimited for instance) into LibreOffice Calc and then format it as numbers (without editing every cell by hand). When I paste the text below it puts a ' in front of everything so if I try to convert it to a number it's still text.

Text 0.01% 3% 5.1%
Asdf 0.2% 4% 6.0%

So for example if I paste special that as unformatted text with space delimiters and then convert 0.01% to a number (which would then say 0.0001 if it did what I wanted), it now says '0.01% in the cell.

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This procedure is tested in LibreOffice 4.0.2. Paste as unformatted text, and choose the following options:

  • Select English as language, or some other language that uses periods as decimal separator.
  • Select "Detect special numbers".

Now the percentages will be pasted as numbers instead of text, and you can use the format options to display them the way you like.

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Awesome, thanks, as soon as this 6 hour timer runs out you've got the bounty. Can't believe I never noticed that :P –  CrazyCasta Apr 25 '13 at 11:58
Ok but how do you invoke this on data that is already in the spreadsheet; e.g. I have a column of data in the format '$3.5 mill.', which Libreoffice doesn't interpret. how do I get calc to check again for numbers? –  AnjoMan Nov 4 at 18:21

To replace cells with leading single quote: ' (U+0027)

Press CTRL+H » Click More options » Check Regular expressions.

Search for ^.*$ and replace with &.

That's kinda RegEx engine hack. It searches for everything before the cell start and replaces it with the existing cell content - but without the single quote. Have a look at the back reference if you want to read more.

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Very interesting. I have no idea what you mean by "back reference". Could you explain how this works? It seems to not mess with cells where I put a ' in the cell (which is good, because I only want it to mess with the autogenerated cells). –  CrazyCasta Sep 11 at 4:56
list of regular expressions help.libreoffice.org/Common/List_of_Regular_Expressions –  m3asmi Sep 11 at 14:12
I do understand regexp, but I don't understand how that regexp isn't matching the single quote. Nothing that I read on that page seems to explain what's special about the single quote that makes it not get matched. For instance, if I fed "s/^.*$/$0/g" into sed I would expect to get back exactly what I gave it. None of this should take away from the fact that your solution works very nicely, I just want to understand why it works. –  CrazyCasta Sep 11 at 21:00
@CrazyCasta I think the leading single quote is not actually part of the cell value. Try a simple search for ' and you will get no matches. –  suriv Sep 30 at 16:11

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