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I'm building an app with a django backend and a jquery mobile frontent. I am trying to figure out how to view what I'm building. What I mean is, to date, when I build my web apps (regular django powered websites) I do it all locally and use the django testing server (python runserver) to test what I'm building, viewing my results at

If I'm building an app for our iPhones, how can I view my web app on my phone while I'm testing? If I fire up the django test server, I can navigate to my app on my laptop and it looks like an app. However, I want to open up my phone's web browser to see the same app page.

On my laptop I navigate to: and I assume that on my iPhone I would navigate to my laptop's IP address, so:

I think I'm missing something here conceptually... any ideas?

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python runserver

By using, you will be able to serve files up to external computers and your iphone

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Bam! That did it. Thanks a bunch! I was pulling my hair out. – Garfonzo Apr 20 '13 at 22:13

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