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I need to create a barplot, with this data:



that's easy:



However, and here is when it comes the difficult part, each element of the vectors "a" and "b" represents data taken in a different time:


I would like to represent the each bar of the barplot at different heights, each height represented by each time in vector "t".

So for example, the 1st bar in barplot(zz) I want it to begin at a height of 0 (the position of the lower edge of the rectangle being at height 0), the 2nd bar, I want it to start at a height of 2, and so on...

I hope you guys understood my problem, any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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zz <-rbind(t,zz)
barplot(zz, col=c("white", "black", "grey") )
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