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I'm trying to use "appengine/memcache" to store data in the cache, memcache.Item's Value field is []byte

how do I convert a struct to []byte for storing it ?

for example:

type Link struct {
    Files []string
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See the memcache.Codec type, this can be used to convert memcache items. The appengine/memcache package has two codecs already prepared, memcache.Gob and memcache.JSON. You use these codecs instead of the direct call to store and retrieve items from the cache, for example like this for a gob encoded item:

    item := &memcache.Item{
        Key:    myCacheKey,
        Object: &myLinkVar,
    err := memcache.Gob.Set(context, item)
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What is context in this example? – Jordan Feldstein Jan 10 at 16:23

The encoding/gob package is probably your best option.

You could also use the encoding/json package.

If you use encoding/json you get the benefit of being able to read the values from languages other than Go.

If you use encoding/gob you get more speed.

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