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There are many ways to iterate over a 2D array. Examples below.

Most of these approaches, while functional, strike me as difficult to read. Some are very memory-expensive, and most do not generalize well to N-dimensions.

Is there a more readable way, preferably one that is computationally efficient and generalizes to ND nicely, to iterate over all coordinate sets in an ndarray?

arr = np.arange(100).reshape([10,10])
x,y = np.indices(arr.shape)

for i,j in zip(x.flat,y.flat):

for i,j in np.nditer(np.indices(arr.shape).tolist()):

for i in xrange(arr.shape[0]):
    for j in xrange(arr.shape[1]):

for i,j in itertools.product(range(arr.shape[0], range.shape[1])):

# on further thought, maybe this one is OK?
for ind in xrange(arr.size):
    i,j = np.unravel_index(ind, arr.shape)

for i,j in itertools.product(*map(xrange, arr.shape)):

(the latter from Pythonic way of iterating over 3D array)

The question I really wanted an answer to was "how do I get the x,y indices of an array?" The answer is:

for i,j in (np.unravel_index(ind,arr.shape) for ind in xrange(arr.size)):

(np.unravel_index(ind,arr.shape) for ind in xrange(arr.size)) is a fairly readable and efficient generator.

But, for the question asked in the title, the other (linked) answers are better (np.nditer, np.enumerate)

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After posting, I noticed this... stackoverflow.com/questions/6967463/…, which may be the answer. –  keflavich Apr 20 '13 at 23:40
I was just writing up ndenumerate as a solution; it's what I do, on those rare occasions I need this. –  DSM Apr 20 '13 at 23:41
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That's the right approach. –  keflavich Apr 20 '13 at 23:58

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From your examples it seems that you want to iterate your arrays in C-contiguous style. If you only care about the elements, and not the indices, the following can be used:

for e in arr.flat:

Of course, it is faster then all alternatives. However, if you want to some funky things with indices, this method cannot be used (use ndenumerate -- your linked SO answer -- for that). This can be used with N-dims.

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