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I wanted to test one of my POST methods in my controller, so I written something like this:

    public void shouldSaveNewCollectionToDatabase(){
        String body = "{\"name\":\"collectionName\", \"owner\": {}}";
        JsonNode json = Json.parse(body);
        FakeRequest request = new FakeRequest(POST, "/rest/collections/add").withJsonBody(json);

        Result result = callAction(controllers.routes.ref.SetsAndCollections.postCollection(), request);

the thing is, this test fails because controller method is not invoked at all so my questionSetCollectionDAO methods are not invoked.

I event put some printing at the top of the method:

public static Result postCollection(){
    System.out.println("I am here");

and I don't see any output on console.

If that is not the way I could invoke controller methods with fake requests, how can I do that?

I read about fakeApplication but I is there any other way to do some simple testing of POST controller methods?

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Did you ever figure this out or find anything else? –  Meredith Jul 26 '13 at 22:12

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For testing your rest services, first of all you should start a fake application.

FakeApplication fakeApplication=fakeApplication();

And at end pf your Test it is recommanded to stop it


If you have many test methods you can add these methods in your Test Class to facilitate test process.

FakeApplication fakeApplication = fakeApplication();

public void beforeTest() {

public void afterTest() {
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Can you print out the http status code of your results? If it is a 303 redirect - which it sounds like it is (since the controller is not getting called), it is most likely that you need to provide a login play-session cookie to execute the POST method.

See this answer on how to get an auth cookie in Play 2: http://stackoverflow.com/a/13953375/286550

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