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I use Silverlight and I'm trying to get some data to the user side. I can easily display PDF file with an <embed> tag in the browser.
However, I also have to be able to save files form the server. I tried the SaveFileDialog from Silvelright but it doesn't allow setting the file name (which is an issue).

I tried setting a hidden <iframe> source to the URL from the server but that triggers a security warning and it's not good either (there would be too many clueless users calling because it doesn't work).
I tried calling to trigger a new popup set to the URL. That works OK but again there's a security warning.

Is it possible to get rid of that security message? I know it's possible in Javascript. An exampel is on the site (go to the live demo, then project manager and open a report in a new window: no security warning!)
How do they achieve that behavior?

If there's any other way to get my reports saved Silverlight I'd be very interested to hear about them.

EDIT: The warning I'm talking about is the Pop-up blocked. To see this pop-up or additional options click here.. banner appearing on top of the page.


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Which security warning? Something about the domain? Something about how it goes to an unencrypted page? – Victor Oct 23 '09 at 11:07
I edited my question. I'm talking about the regular "pop-up blocked" warning. Extra annoyance for Silverlight is that it triggers a client refresh (ie the Silverlight plugin reloads). – R4cOON Oct 23 '09 at 11:54

There is no way around the pop up blocker when you open up a window without a user action. If there was a way around that, than the pop up blockers would be useless.

Only way to avoid the security message is to have the users add your site to their safe list.

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OK, after much fiddling I came accross the Silverlight built-in pop-up window that I couldn't use before.

The only limitation is that it can only be triggered by a user action (which is fine in this context() PopUpWindow at MSDN

It fits the bill perfectly and I couldn't use it before because I wanted to pre-generate the report files before opening the pop-up (and thus I wasn't in a user event context anymore).

I'm going to create a report generation page that will display a status message and then show the report (I haven't worked out yet how I'll do that though).

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A point to be aware of with PopUpWindow is that it doesn't work in Safari at all. – Graeme Bradbury Oct 23 '09 at 15:15

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