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This has been a hard question for me to track down. I am creating a windows 8 HTML5/JS app to be deployed into the windows 8 marketplace. I am using the construct2 game engine to generate the html5/js code.

In a traditional Html5 website if I was to write data out to web-storage, that data is treated similar to cache data and is susceptible to being erased when a user clears their cache (i believe?)

My question is, in windows 8 html5/js apps. Is the data written to webstorage susceptible to being cleared when a user would go in and clear their internet explorer cache, or is the webstorage data packaged up different for windows8 apps and thus unique to the app?

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The "Local" subset of Construct 2 WebStorage maps to HTML 5 localStorage which, in turn, maps to applicationData.localFolder in Windows 8, and that is maintained on a per-application basis. You can store up to 10MB per app via HTML5 localStorage (and thereby Construct 2 WebStorage's set local value action.

It's not affected by what you do in Internet Explorer, and it will persist even when you update your application.

Construct 2 also exposes sessionStorage, but as you'd expect for a Windows 8 application that storage persists only for the current execution of the app, much as it persists only for the current browser session in a traditional web scenario.

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this is exactly what i was hoping to hear! Thank you for that clarification. – Dylan Hayes Apr 21 '13 at 4:59

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