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How do you pass functions from LUA to C++ using Luabridge(1.0.2)

local Callback=function()
    print("Inside Callback function!");

And then pass that callback to c++:


the "Click" is const std::string&, but how do you define Callback as a function? I've tried a few approaches (void*,std::function) but none of these work correctly.

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Figured it out! If you are trying to pass functions, LuaBridge 2.0 (in development branch) solves this by introducing LuaRef.

Your function would look like this:

void DisplayObject::On( const std::string& Param1,LuaRef Param2 );

then just call the function like so:


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LuaRef is now in the master branch of LuaBridge as of mid May 2013. – Nigel Atkinson Jun 21 '13 at 2:04

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