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Maybe my question is stupid but I still want to ask.

I am always wondering whether I can use Python, HTML and Css to develop a desktop software. I know there are alrealy several good GUI frameworks like Qt, Tk and etc. But the various sources of HTML and JS frameworks are still attractive to me. I don't mean a software which is just like a web application where there is a frontend and Python acts as a server side language either. I mean use Python like other GUI frameworks. I can create widgets built by HTML and Css.

Dose there any framework have this function? I know there is app.js for Javascript. Or what I think is wrong.

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So where does Python fit into this? Qt elements can be styled somewhat with a subset of CSS, but if you want to build a desktop app with HTML/CSS, why not just use JS and make a desktop webapp? – Blender Apr 21 '13 at 4:11
I know Qt is a perfect choice. I just want to know whether there is one more choice for me to develop desktop app using Python. @Blender – zhangyangyu Apr 21 '13 at 4:49

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Look at pyjs.

What is pyjs?

pyjs is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development Platform for both Web and Desktop. With pyjs you can write your JavaScript-powered web applications entirely in Python.

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CEFPython allows this by embedding the Chromium browser and providing python bindings to it:

~: python

brings up:

enter image description here

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