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Suppose our goal is to build a List which we will call storedResult.

We have a Future<List> returning function called multiple times:

Future<List> getList()...

Suppose that we will call our getList() function for the unknown multiple times and want to store the result of each List into our storedResult:

List storedResult = [];



If we run this code, it will print as []. How do we express this so that the result is rather:

[resultingList, resultingList, ..., ]
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Remember that Futures return immediately, but their associated callbacks run asynchronously. Specifically, the work that getList() does (and everything that then does) do not happen until execution returns to the event loop.

Your problem is that you're trying to print the result of an asynchronous operation synchronously, and that won't work.

If you want to use the stored result, then what you should do is something like:

Future<List<List>> globFutures(List someOtherList) {
  List<Future> futures = [];
  someOtherList.forEach((element) {

  // Automatically completes to a List containing all the
  // results of all of the futures.
  return Future.wait(futures);

main() {
  var storedResults = [];

    .then((List<List> results) {
      storedResults = results;

      // Run code in here that depends on storedResults being available.

  // Do **NOT** use storedResults here, as it will be [].
  // The Future functions have not yet run!
  assert(storedResults == []);
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Thank you so much! Very helpful! –  Damon Apr 21 '13 at 14:45

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