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I have started a new MVC4 HotTowel SPA test project with a list (ul element) in the Details page. This worked ok when viewing with an iPhone - it scrolled ok. Then I used nuget to update the 3 durandal packages in the template (from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0). After that the details page will not scroll on the iphone.

Is this a bug in the durandal updated code or is it by design (in which case how should i implement scrolling) ?

Also, just checked the Durandal Starter kit project - this doesnt scroll on the iPhone either

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open up durandal/app.js and comment out the below:

adaptToDevice: function() {
    //document.ontouchmove = function (event) {
    //    event.preventDefault();

hope this helps - this one was a bugger.

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