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I'm required to process large files, up to 2GB, in GAE (I'm using Python). of course I'll be running the code on a backend, however since a local storage isn't available the data will need to be in memory.

is there a file descriptor like wrapper for boto or other cloud storage supported protocol? or other recommended technique?

Thanks, Shay

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You can use boto to access S3. Check out the link here: stackoverflow.com/questions/3948391/… –  Xaranke Apr 21 '13 at 7:31

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You maybe interesting in "Google Cloud Storage Python API Overview". It works like a regular local file. I've used it on my project and didn't encountered any problems with it.

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The data file doesnt "need to be in memory" and if you try that you will run oom. If you can process it sequentially open it as a filestream. Ive done that with blobstore, should be similar

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