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In my project I have to do some screen scrapping.The source pages return data after executing the javascript embedded within them.In my php script I fetch the page using file_get_contents() and as usual,it returns the page simply as text.My question is that,is there a way to get the final output from the webpage (the output after executing javascript).

I know some of you might suggest embedding a webbrowser inside and using that to execute the page.But how to do that?.Is there a working browser available.Or is there executable non GUI versions of opensource browsers such as chromium,so that I can run it as a CGI script or something

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You will have to have some real browser like client for this, php alone won't cut it. For automation purposes you are most likely want a "headless" (without gui) browser like PhantomJS (the new hotness). Check out this answer.

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Really helpfull answer.. – Jinu Joseph Daniel Apr 21 '13 at 8:11

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