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Let us say I have the concrete classes Cat, Dog, and Parrot, and the following interface:

class HasGuid {
  HasGuid.fromId(String id);

My goal is to guarantee that Cat, Dog, and Parrot all have a fromId named constructor. So, I can make calls like:

Cat.fromId("Whiskers") =returns> [A Future<Cat> object with id "Whiskers"]
Dog.fromId("Fido")     =returns> [A Future<Dog> object with id "Fido"]
Parrot.fromId("Polly") =returns> [A Future<Parrot> object with id "Poly"]

fromId is making a call across the network, for this reason I return it as a Future. I basically want a contract that states that any class that mixes/extends/implements/whatever the HasGuid class will have a named constructor of fromId. Where fromId on class T will take an identity string and will return a Future<T>.

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Not sure if I follow your question. A named constructor must by definition return it's own class' type, so it can't return a Future<T>. – Greg Lowe Apr 21 '13 at 8:28
Shoot, it was late when I wrote this, sorry. I was hopping that some combinations of factory constructor + guaranteeing interfaces might allow me to skirt around this. Short of that, a static method + guaranteeing interface would be second best. – Stephen Cagle Apr 21 '13 at 18:07
Perhaps I should phrase it differently. I am looking for a contract that states that any concrete class A has a "class method" .fromId(String B) that returns a instance of A with the id B. – Stephen Cagle Apr 21 '13 at 18:10
Right. Sounds like you're asking for a nice way to implement the factory pattern in Dart. I did a quick google and found this.… – Greg Lowe Apr 21 '13 at 22:05

There can be no assurance on constructor.

Interface(implements) assurance on instance methods. Super class(extends) or Mixins(with) also assurance on instance methods, not constructor.

Constructor return it's own type, not a Future.

So they should all have a static method or class, but no guarantee.

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