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I have a Wicket application. In the application the user can fill several fields in several forms.

I have a special place at the bottom where the user gets feedback (using a FeedbackPanel). The feedback consists of success & error messages alike.

The thing is that I want to have different CSS styles for the different messages.

I already have the CSS styles I want to implement. I can implement them successfully in the HTML form, but I get the same CSS style to both messages.

I want to have on the same feedback components different CSS styles according to the different severity of the message, so if the message is an "Error" - I want it to have a specific style, if it is "Success" I want it to have different style.

How can I point the FeedbackPanel to the specific CSS styles according to the severity of the message?

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You can create a class which inherit FeedbackPanel and override getCSSClass method

public class CustomFeedbackPanel extends FeedbackPanel {

    public CustomFeedbackPanel(String id) {

    public CustomFeedbackPanel(String id, IFeedbackMessageFilter filter) {
        super(id, filter);

    protected String getCSSClass(FeedbackMessage message) {
        String css;
        switch (message.getLevel()){
            case FeedbackMessage.SUCCESS:
                css = "alert success";
            case FeedbackMessage.INFO:
                css = "alert info";
            case FeedbackMessage.ERROR:
                css = "alert error";
                css = "alert";

        return css;
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Thank you so very much. It works really nicely! –  Chaiavi Apr 21 '13 at 12:19
Thank you so very much. It works really nicely! –  Chaiavi Apr 21 '13 at 12:20
You are welcome. –  Alexey Apr 21 '13 at 12:22

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