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Am working on a bing map based application. I want to show buttons in the popup pushpin infobox to which am planning to associate a click event.

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Look at the HtmlContent property of the infobox. You can supply your custom HTML for the Infobox's content via this property. As to how to associate a click event, it will depend on what you want to do. Look into jquery's .live() or its newer equivalent(.on() I think), and see if that will meet your needs.

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The easy way is to use functionality that bing provides. Example with some text and two buttons in the infobox.

 var infoboxOptions = {
     title:'Infobox Title',
     actions: [
          {label: 'This is a button', eventHandler: btn1Handler}, 
          {label: '<div  style = "color:green"', eventHandler: btn2Handler},]  

"title" is just a text title in the infobox.

"action" contains two properties:

  1. label - Where you can put text or some html and css of the button.
  2. eventHandler - Callback to the function that will handle the click on the button.

Create the infobox itself passing its location and "infoboxOptions" that we just created.

 var defaultInfobox = new Microsoft.Maps.Infobox(Location, infoboxOptions ); 

Add the info box to the map.


The we create two click handle function as we provided in the "actions" property.

function btn1Handler() 
   //Do your stuff.

function btn2Handler() 
   //Do your stuff.
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