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I have a News website. Adsense ads don't show up more than once in each page. I've done Adsense troubleshooter suggestions. and It seems everything is ok...

Website address is : http://akhbaralalam.com

It seems after google adsense crawls the page for next requsts ads don't show up. But I can't find out what is the problem with my pages...

Maybe useful : When I put a random argument like "/?123" to the end of URL, ads are showing.

akhbaralalam.com -> ads don't show up

akhbaralalam.com/?123 -> ads show up

Is there any suggestions or something?

Can you please investigate?

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By the way I realized what the problem is...

I had a funny mistake: On pages with more than 3 Ad units it may result to disappearing all the ads.

also I added privacy policy to the footer of the site. In google adsense guids they said it's necessary to have a privacy policy including some certain topics like cookies...

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