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Consider following entity:

public class User {
    private int id;
    private String name;
    private String family;
    //getters and setters

and sql:

select * 
from (select row_.*, first_Value(rownum) over (order by rownum desc) countـ
      from (select * from user) row_)

as you may guess the result set of sql consists of four columns:

id, name, family, countـ

I retrieve user table records as a list of user by:

String myQuery = "select * from (select row_.*, first_Value(rownum) over (order by rownum desc) count_
      from (select * from user) row_)"
Query query = entityManager.createNativeQuery(myQuery, User.class);
List<User> users = query.getResultList();

Now the question is that how could I retrieve list of users and also count value just by calling getResultList() or any other hibernate equivalents once?

I use Oracle 11g and Jpa (Hibernate implementation 3.6)

Thanks in advance.

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What is "builder" in your code? –  Szilagyi Donat Apr 21 '13 at 15:49
sorry, I replaced it with myQuery... –  Mehdi Eshaghi Apr 22 '13 at 8:11

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I think "count" is a reserved word. And I would reorganize your query like this:

String myQuery = "SELECT "
        + "id, "
        + "name, "
        + "family, "
        + "cnt "
        + "FROM ("
            + "SELECT "
            + "user.*, "
            + "first_Value(rownum) over (order by rownum desc) AS cnt "
            + "FROM "
            + "user "
        + ")";
    Query query = entityManager.createNativeQuery(myQuery);
    List<Object[]> resultList = query.getResultList();

Of course you can use * instead of "id, name, family, cnt", too.

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