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Can't i overload GetEnumerator () like

IEnumerator<T> IEnumerable<T>.GetEnumerator<T> ( T[] val1,T[] val2)


  .... some code

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No. Just create a normal method instead, e.g.

IEnumerator<T> MyCustomEnumerator<T>(T[] val1, T[] val2) {
    // some code
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Thanks done what you said. –  udana Oct 23 '09 at 12:29

You can propose an overload for GetEnumerator method, but it can't be part of the IEnumerable implementation.

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Thanks Romain Verdier –  udana Oct 23 '09 at 12:30

GetEnumerator doesn't take parameters.

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How about an extension method?


public static class IEnumeratorExtensions
    public static IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator<T>(this IEnumerable<T> ie,
        T[] val1, T[] val2)
        //your code here

string[] s1;
string[] s2;

var qry = from s in new string[]{"1", "2"}
          select s;

qry.GetEnumerator(s1, s2);

But what are you trying to do in this "overload"? If you want to merge those two arrays of T, IEnumerable already has a number of methods which take methods. Make sure you're not reinventing the wheel!

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