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I have created a list of lists, for example:

list1 = [[1; 2]; [3; 4]]

I'm trying to create a function "is_element", which would return true if intiger is in the list, and false otherwise.

How should it work:

is_element list1 4;;
- : bool = true

What I tried:

let rec is_element x = function
[[]] -> false
| [(a:int)::l] -> (a:int) == x || is_element x [l];;

I do get a warning and this function doesn't seem to work.

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Your function does not cover all cases to start with. For example, the case of [] being passed to the function is not covered. – Dave Newman Apr 21 '13 at 13:44
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let rec is_element x lst = 
let rec aux y = function
  [] -> false
  | a::l -> a==y || aux y l
match lst with
  [] -> false
  | a::l -> aux x a || is_element x l;; 

You can use an auxiliary function to check if an element is contained in a list, and then apply this function to the elements of your list of lists. Then you should invoke this function with

is_element 4 list1;;

or invert the order of the parameters (x and lst).

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You can use List.mem to check if an element is part of a list, and you can use List.exists to check whether any element of a list satisfies a predicate. Combining these two you can check if a list of lists contains your elements.

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