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I've started investigating the Service Bus for Windows 1.0 to create a local Service Bus for our applications and I followed the example shown here for my first attempt at using the bus: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsazure/jj542433(v=azure.10).aspx

However, when I run the sample I receive the following error(s):

The token provider was unable to provide a security token while accessing 'https://{machineName.domainName}/ServiceBusDefaultNamespace/$STS/Windows/'. Token provider returned message: 'The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.'

with an inner exception of:

The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

Everything that I have searched on relates to problems around the locally generated certificate, etc. This isn't that. Browsing to the STS using 'https://{machineName.domainName}:9355/ServiceBusDefaultNamespace/' returns an atom feed of queues/topics. Any help moving this forward to get at least the sample working?

Source code (99% identical to sample link above; only stylistic differences and ServerFQDN address, which is local and matches the data from installation):

using System;
using Microsoft.ServiceBus;
using Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging;

namespace ServiceBus1
    class Program
        private const string ServerFQDN = "{machineName}.{domain}.net";
        private const int HttpPort = 9355;
        private const int TcpPort = 9354;
        private const string ServiceNamespace = "ServiceBusDefaultNamespace";

        static void Main( string[] args )
            var connBuilder = new ServiceBusConnectionStringBuilder
                    ManagementPort = HttpPort,
                    RuntimePort = TcpPort
            connBuilder.Endpoints.Add( new UriBuilder { Scheme = "sb", Host = ServerFQDN, Path = ServiceNamespace }.Uri );
            connBuilder.StsEndpoints.Add( new UriBuilder { Scheme = "https", Host = ServerFQDN, Path = ServiceNamespace }.Uri );

            var messageFactory = MessagingFactory.CreateFromConnectionString( connBuilder.ToString() );
            var namespaceManager = NamespaceManager.CreateFromConnectionString( connBuilder.ToString() );

            const string queueName = "ServiceBusQueueSample";

            if ( namespaceManager == null )
                Console.WriteLine( "\nUnexpectedError: NamespaceManager is NULL" );

            if ( namespaceManager.QueueExists( queueName ) )
                namespaceManager.DeleteQueue( queueName );

            namespaceManager.CreateQueue( queueName );

            var myQueueClient = messageFactory.CreateQueueClient( queueName );

                // send a message to the queue
                var sendMessage = new BrokeredMessage( "Hello World!" );
                myQueueClient.Send( sendMessage );

                // receive the message from the queue
                var receivedMessage = myQueueClient.Receive( TimeSpan.FromSeconds( 5 ) );

                if ( receivedMessage != null )
                    Console.WriteLine( "Message received: Body = {0}", receivedMessage.GetBody<string>() );
                    receivedMessage.Complete(); // releases msg lock and removes from queue?
            catch ( Exception e )
                Console.WriteLine( "Unexpected exception {0}", e );
                if ( messageFactory != null )

            Console.WriteLine( "Press ENTER to clean up and exit." );
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I understand that you are following a sample, but please also post your own code. –  arootbeer Apr 21 '13 at 14:53
After breakpointing and walking thru everything and checking values against the configured farm settings, it turns out I had missed the Port = HttpPort portion of the STS UriBuilder (facepalm). Thanks anyway! –  KyKo Apr 21 '13 at 19:08
I figured that was what was happening, based on the URLs you provided initially. I'm glad you were able to track it down. –  arootbeer Apr 22 '13 at 14:57
@kyko thanks that helped me out alot –  jonho Aug 16 '13 at 11:47

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