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I saw "OS X and iOS Kernel Programming" book and want to know how important is to know about iOS system programming for iOS developer. In what areas of programming these knowledge are helpful?

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I have been an iOS developer for year and a half without any knowledge of kernel programming. I know a lot of guys much more experienced than me who also know nothing about it. However, this knowledge is only a plus for you.

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Not important at all - speaking after 2 years of development.

But always useful to know more about the device and OS you are working on.

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Just a point regarding the book:

  1. Intermediate and advanced iPhone and OS X programmers ready for the next step Kernel-level
  2. Kernel-level programmers interested in how OS X and iOS function
  3. Open source programmers with a background in Linux or BSD, OS X and iOS
  4. Programmers interested in application performance
  5. System administrators running OS X clusters

For most people, the 4th point would be the most important. So I don't think you need to read this book specifically to be a good iOS developer. Still... If you have the time, read it.

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