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Ok, long story short - I've got an ASP.Net 1.1 website, which uses Validator controls and Ajax (ajax.dll, v5.7.22.2)... All of these elements of the site were chosen/implemented before I got here, and before anybody asks, no, it's not within our budget (timewise) to upgrade even to ASP.Net 2.0, let alone the latest and greatest of everything.

The site works fine in IE (of course), but in Firefox (or Chrome... Haven't tried Opera or Safari) I've found that ASP renders the site without any javascript code for the validators, nor does it render the site with any javascript code for the ajax methods that I call.

I've checked, and our web.config is setup to treat Firefox as an "uplevel" browser... And it does seem to be using the correct HtmlWriter (ie my pages on FFox are rendered with spans and divs). I've tried creating a PageClient alias using an IE7 user agent in the web.config, and forcing the page to use that PageClient. NOTHING seems to let it generate the Ajax and validator javascript. My research on the net seems to be pointing towards validators simply not ever able to work with ASP.Net 1.1 and Firefox... And I presume that whatever the validators do, the Ajax library is doing as well... But I'm really really really hoping there's a workaround for this. It'll be extremely embarrassing to have to tell the client in this day and age "Sorry, we don't support non-IE browsers with this release".

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Have a look at this article for a possible workaround

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Awesome - that's exactly what I needed... It's a great explanation of the exact problem we're having, and now I can see that even the workaround will be a significant amount of work. At least I know. –  WearySky Oct 23 '09 at 14:30

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