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I am using PDFSharp to create PDF files in my C# application. It's working very good, but i did not find out how to create preview with more than one page. I have no trouble creating and saving document with multiple pages, also embedding PagePreview into my Form is working.

But how do i display (and draw on) more than one page in the Preview?

Is there a way to pass another XGraphics object to associated RenderEvent function (that would be created from second page in document (XGraphics.FromPdfPage(...)))?

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The RenderEvent must know which page to render. Your application must know how many pages there are and which page is the current page.

We are using MigraDoc to create PDF files and the preview handles multiple pages automatically.

The best place to ask PDFsharp and MigraDoc Foundation related questions is the PDFsharp forum. The PDFsharp Team will not monitor stackoverflow.com on a regular basis.

PDFsharp Forum:

PDFsharp Website:

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hi would you pls take a look at this one ....pls stackoverflow.com/questions/6953471/… –  user682417 Aug 5 '11 at 14:57

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