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Here is the problem my gmail account displays that I have 373 emails. However, when I query the IMAP server with is command " SELECT INBOX\r\n" it displays that I have about 968 emails in my inbox instead of 373.

So when I send the following command "UID SEARCH ALL\r\n" to return the UID's of the mails in my inbox, it returns a total of 355 UID's instead of 968 UID's. Please what am I doing wrong?

What is the correct command to get the number of emails in my inbox? and how do I get all the UID's? I been searching for a good tutorial, the ones I got warent very practical.

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I just tried your suggestion, I returned a little bit more, but then I realized that the number of UID's varied with each query I sent, sometimes in the two hundreds another time in the three hundreds.. its not consistent and its never equal ti the number returned by "STATUS INBOX (MESSAGES)\r\n" –  kelo yusuf Apr 21 '13 at 19:27
can u please share the output in that format..??? –  Ansh Apr 24 '13 at 5:22

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