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In Sublime Text, you can add a cursor to multiple arbitrary locations using Ctrl+click. However, using the mouse is often imprecise, so I sometimes encounter the need to undo a click (having already selected multiple locations in the text), but haven't found a way to do it so I have to start all over.

Is there a way to 'remove' a cursor after specifying it using the mouse?

Note: I'm aware of multiple cursor usage with the keyboard, this question is specifically about mouse usage.

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You can use the alt modifier on windows and linux and shift+cmd modifier on OS X while selecting to use "subtractive" mode. You could also use a simple plugin to remove the first or last cursor in the view (not first or last added, first or last overall) and tie it to a key command.

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Thank you for this. –  Moritz Sep 6 '13 at 7:27

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