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I want to write the values of structure members into a MySQL table. The problem I have is that I wish to read the values of the structure and write the value to the specific column.

string assetNumber = EGMSimulatorObj.EGMConfigurationObj.AssetNumber.ToString();
string query = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES($assetNumber)";

With the above, I get the following error:

Unknown column '$assetNumber' in 'field list'.

How can I use set VALUES from the structure members or from any local variable?

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You need to replace

string query = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES($assetNumber)";

with something like

string query = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES("+assetNumber+")";

That is, if you are using Java as programming language. Other languages may require other concatenation notation.

Side note: you should maybe use prepared statements for this, for two reasons: security and execution speed.

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I originally thought it might be java, but the dollar notation on the variable threw me out –  Simon at mso.net Apr 21 '13 at 16:59
oh I see that you answered pretty much the same thing as me. And I was later... so the credit are all yours. –  luksch Apr 21 '13 at 17:19
You actually got the java one up first in fairness - I had to look that one up :) –  Simon at mso.net Apr 21 '13 at 17:55

At present MySQL is seeing $assetNumber and so is believing it to be a column name. It has not been replaced with the value. You may wish instead to concatenate the variable into the string. I am uncertain which language you are using though.


$query = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES (".$assetNumber.")";


qryString = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES ("&assetNumber&")";


string query = "INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES("+assetNumber+")";

In all these cases though, this is vulnerable to SQL injection. You would instead be better served using similar to cfqueryparam (CF) / mysqli->bind (PHP) to allow the language to ensure the value is properly escaped and so ensure your query is safe. So going down the java route and using pass parameter from to MySQL statement as a starting point

query = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO egmtable (Asset_Number) VALUES( ? )");
query.setString(1, assetNumber);

If you are able to specify the language you are using then I can provide a more specific answer.

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