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I'm new to Rails and linux world. Question looks very simple but I'm having tough time writing some long commands in console. Say, I have to run some active record queries to see the results in console, below line works perfect


But I can't type below query as last 3 characters simply gets truncated

Category.includes(:posts => [{:comments => :guest}, :tags]).find(1)

or something weird happens like below

nd(1)-p327 :009 > Category.includes(:posts => [{:comments => :guest}, :tags]).fin

What I need to do to get it work?

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What terminal? Never seen anything like this-define "gets truncated", are you saying that the statement doesn't execute, or you just can't see all of it? – Dave Newton Apr 21 '13 at 18:01
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If you end a line with a period IRB will assume it is a multi-line command:

includes(:posts => [{:comments => :guest}, :tags]).

It's odd that it's getting truncated though. Which terminal application are you using?

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