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Good Afternoon,

I have been tediously creating a Kinect Application using the Kinect SDK v1.7

I have recently come to a road block, my question maybe simple enough to answer (I hope that it is).

I am using the Kinect Senors Skeleton Stream and creating Gestures.

I have all my Event Handlers in place and up until this poiint things were moving along quite famously.

In my Event Subroutine for SkeletonFrameReady Event Argument I created a swipe gesture. Needless to say it looks for my hand in a particular position in relationship to my shoulder. works great!!

However, because the Kinect is recording Frames so quickly (I think something like 30fps) the action that this gesture initiates happens far to many times than I would like.

How can I get the Frames to see my gesture and then wait several hundred milliseconds?

So, what have i tried:

  1. Skeleton Stream Disable and Enable, which leaves me with a long gap while the stream re-initiates.

  2. SkeletonStream.OpenNextFrame() , this is probably the answer to my problem. In fact I am almost %100 sure it is.

    But when I try to use this, it tells me the Skeleton Frame must be Disposed first.

This is strange, because it isn't as simple as using "Skeleton.Frame.Dispose()". I get "the red squiggles" under that line of code, and it says:

    "Reference to a non-shared member must have an object reference."

So I look on MSDN, not a big help, it actually says that I am able to use "SkeletonFrame.Dispose()".

So an object reference? I try: (note: kinect is the name of my sensor through my application)


and I get no "red squiggles" but I get a dot net error at run time saying I can't use "OpenNextFrame()" while there is an event fired.

So I then tried:

             RemoveHandler kinect.SkeletonFrameReady, AddressOf Me.SensorSkeletonFrameReady
             AddHandler kinect.SkeletonFrameReady, AddressOf Me.SensorSkeletonFrameReady

This helped a bit, it seemed to slow down the Stream somewhat. I think.

any suggestions would be welcome, and I will post the entire event sub I you would find it helpful.

Thank you again


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