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According to the definition of action delegate it does not return value but passes value.

I pass the value to Console.WriteLine( )

Action<int> an = new Action<int>(Console.WriteLine(3000));

But still i receive error as method name expected.What is the problem?

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You would code it like this:

Action<int> an = new Action<int>(Console.WriteLine);


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The constructor of Action<int> expects you to pass a pointer to a function that takes an integer as parameter and returns nothing. What you are passing is not a function but an expression. You could either define an anonymous function or use an existing one:

Action<int> an = new Action<int>(t => Console.WriteLine(t));
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Action points to a method only not to any parameters.

You can then use it like this to invoke the action:

Action<int> action = new Action<int>(Console.WriteLine);
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