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I am looking to create an application that should use an internet database. The database will be single, same concept as a highscore list (strings and numbers, 2-3 rows).

I got decent experience in Xcode and iPhone development, but i have no experience what-so-ever with internet based databases.

So, i am looking for advice on how to get started. What do i need to learn, where can i learn it (the answer that guides me will be the one i accept obviously). Links and any information / help you can provide is greatly appreciated! :)

What i need to learn: Have an internet based website that can display strings / numbers The app should update the information to be displayed on the site The app should be able to retrieve the data and display

I know it aint really a specific programming tutorial, but i have no idea where to start.

Thanks on advance!

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Haven't used it, but but firebase looks great for simple stuff like this: – Chris Devereux Apr 21 '13 at 22:25
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I suggest using AFNetworking. To get you started on the client side, Here is a tutorial from Ray Wenderlich to get started with it.

This will allow the iOS device to talk to your web application.

To build the the web application you could use PHP on the LAMP stack, Ruby on Rails or Python with the Django framework. The fragmentation of the PHP framework market is much more significant, here is a list of the top 5 PHP frameworks.There are many other programming languages and frameworks out there also.

Using a framework helps you not have to 'reinvent the wheel' for a lot of functionality your app will require. It also will help you structure your code base. It also will have an impact on how build your database. Most frameworks do the heavy lifting for you, so that you are not writing raw SQL. That said there are learning curves to using such tools as Active Record with Ruby on Rails.

Your web application will need an API that accesses a database, (if your using the LAMP stack, this will be a MySQL database) and returns the values to the iOS device in a readable format. I would recommend returning it in the JSON format.

It's a very general question and a general answer. But if you research the key words I have outlined. You'll have a starting point. Goodluck.

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there is a great new web backend solution for iOS, including eg. Core Data synchronization - Helios by @mattt, author of AFNetworking. Why don't you give it a try?

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