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As you know, if you are going to send an HTML email, all CSS styling must be inline on the elements themselves e.g. <p style='font-family: Helvetica'>

Is there a way I can use Jinja to easily create HTML email bodies from Jinja templates without repeating CSS styles many times in a single template?

I think of setting these styles to variables e.g.

{% set FONT_STYLE = 'font-family: Helvetica; color: #111' %}

and then in the template I can do

<p style='{{ FONT_STYLE }}'>My paragraph here.</p>

Any better ideas? Maybe a library that resolves CSS rules that takes HTML content and CSS file and binds calculated CSS rules to the HTML elements one by one?

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Look at premailer which turns CSS blocks into style attributes. You can get pretty html and convert it to email html with premailer.

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