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I'm building a new page dynamically using jQuery mobile. I would like to now add the theme i.e. data-theme="a" . Is there an easier way to do this? At the moment it looks like I will be added it to every div below.

 var newPage = $("<div data-role='page' id='" + v["id"] +
                "'><div data-role=header><a data-iconpos='left' data-icon='back' href='#' data-role='button' " +
                "data-rel='back'>Back</a>" +
                "<h1>" + v["name"] + "</h1>" +
                "</div>" +
                "<div data-role=content>" + pagecontent +
                "</div>" +
                "<div data-role='footer'>" +
                "<h4>" + v["name"] + "</h4>" +
                " </div>" +

            // Append the new page info pageContainer

i.e. it would be good if there was something like this....

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Note: Default theme in jQuery Mobile is "a".

To set theme for dynamically created pages, use $('.selector').page({theme:'e'}); after you append pages and before you navigate to them using $.mobile.changePage().

For a specific page:


For all pages:


Demo - Change theme for dynamically created pages

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I use this and it works really great :D

Mikael Kindborg answer from Change data-theme in jQuery mobile

$.mobile.changeGlobalTheme = function(theme)
        // These themes will be cleared, add more
        // swatch letters as needed.
        var themes = " a b c d e";

        // Updates the theme for all elements that match the
        // CSS selector with the specified theme class.
        function setTheme(cssSelector, themeClass, theme)
                    .removeClass(themes.split(" ").join(" " + themeClass + "-"))
                    .addClass(themeClass + "-" + theme)
                    .attr("data-theme", theme);

        // Add more selectors/theme classes as needed.
        setTheme(".ui-mobile-viewport", "ui-overlay", theme);
        setTheme("[data-role='page']", "ui-page-theme", theme);
        setTheme("[data-role='header']", "ui-bar", theme);
        setTheme("[data-role='listview'] > li", "ui-bar", theme);
        setTheme(".ui-btn", "ui-btn-up", theme);
        setTheme(".ui-btn", "ui-btn-hover", theme);
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