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I have the following line in C#:

test.testMethod.Foreach(x => x.testMethod2.Add(test_arg));

What would be the equivalent in VB?

I tried to do x => x.testMethod2.Add but it is not allowing me to.

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this is lambda syntax.. see this tutorial on how to use lambda syntax in VB – Elior Apr 21 '13 at 20:13
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This is called lambda expression.
An appropriate equivalent in will be

Sub(x) x.testMethod2.Add(test_arg)

You are basically using Function in case you are are creating expression function and Sub in case you are creating expression subroutine. See Lambda Expressions (Visual Basic) for more details.

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It's a lambda expression. The VB equivalent to that C# lambda expression would be:

Sub(x) x.testMethod2.Add(test_arg)
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