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I'm trying to animate adding a new subview to a table view. (When the user clicks on the Plus sign button on the nav bar above the table view, I want a subview with a text field and a button to slide down from under the nav bar).

However, when I try to call [UIView beginAnimations:@"textFieldSlide", nil] the compiler warns me that:

Line Location RootViewController.m:41: warning: 'UIView' may not respond to '+beginAnimations::'

The autocomplete in Xcode also fails to see that method, as well as commitAnimations.

Am I missing an import to get these methods?

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There's no need to import QuartzCore, UIKit is providing it.

You're using the wrong method signature. You should use

[UIView beginAnimations:@"textFieldSlide" context:nil];


If Xcode's autocompletion fails, most of the time it is that you've forgot a ] or a ; somewhere.

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