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I am creating a ledger using MS Access 2010

I have the ledger report with unbound textbox to calculate the balance of each record include running sum for a calculation of 2 fields as below:

[Debit] - [credit]

It's working good, what I want to do is to add the open account value to the 1st row only, so the calculation for the 1st row only should be like this

[Debit] - [credit] + OpenBalance

then to use the 1st calculation for the other rows

but I failed to do it, any idea of how to achieve this?

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I found a good solution for the running balance with the open balance as below:

1- is to have the open balance in a text box inside the report. 2- have a hidden text box as running sum over all, to have [Debit] - [credit] sum. 3- add another text box to have the result of [Debit] - [credit] then add the balance value to it.

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