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In RSpec I can do mock_obj.should_receive(:method).with(anything)... where 'anything' is any variable.

Can I do this in Minitest?

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Minitest, since it's included to Ruby 1.9, provides MiniTest::Spec, a contextual RSpec like syntax. It's not RSpec.

From the Github Page, this is what Minitest provides

  • minitest/autorun - the easy and explicit way to run all your tests.
  • minitest/unit - a very fast, simple, and clean test system.
  • minitest/spec - a very fast, simple, and clean spec system.
  • minitest/mock - a simple and clean mock/stub system.
  • minitest/benchmark - an awesome way to assert your algorithm's performance.
  • minitest/pride - show your pride in testing!
  • Incredibly small and fast runner, but no bells and whistles.

To do the same than mock_obj.should_receive(:method).with(anything), you'll write

require 'minitest/autorun'

describe YourClass do
  it 'should receive a call to method' do
    mock_obj = Minitest::Mock.new
    mock_obj.expect(:method, :your_return, [anything])
    # ...
    mock_obj.verify # verify that the expected call has been made
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