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I like PySide, and have used it for a while now, but in the program I am working on at the moment, I need an advanced code editor.

I have found QScintilla, but that is for PyQt. Is that compatible with PySide and if so, how would I go about using it?
I have also looked at PySide-QScintilla, but all that is is a couple of .h files and an __init.py__ and the doesn't even have anything relating to the .h files! Has anyone used that? How do you include it in a program?
I also saw qutepart but it seems to be mush too basic for what I need.

I would accept solutions other than QScintilla, but they have to have:

  • Error Highlighting
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code Suggestion (a drop down menu while typing)
  • Line Numbers
  • Custom Colors
  • Must be at least GPL (LGPL would be nice)

Any other features are great.

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Doing a quick Google search brought up the following:

I suspect the first one is a direct port, whereas the second is some kind of Scintilla wrapper instead of a QScintilla port.

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How would you use it in a program (as in what would you import)? Do you need to build it with cmake or qmake or something else? A little more information would be helpful. – KFox Apr 22 '13 at 20:48

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