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I am able to send HTTP POST a text file to my server using the following cURL command:

curl -i -F file=@file.txt

The server is expecting a file from $_FILES['file'].

I have the following so far but it is not working:

$url =
$file = "c:\file.txt"
$wc = new-object System.Net.WebClient
$wc.UploadFile($url, $file.FullName)

it returns 0, and it did not upload to the server

How can I send the file as $_FILES['file']? Also, how can I see the response from the server?

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I ended up downloading the curl executable for windows, and it worked wonders! – Takashi Jun 3 '13 at 16:25

I think it should be something like this:

$body = "file=$(get-content file.txt -raw)"
Invoke-RestMethod -uri -method POST -body $body

Note: this does require PowerShell V3. Also, you might need to specify the -ContentType parameter as "application/x-www-form-urlencoded". I recommend getting Fiddler2 and use it to inspect the request in both the curl and Inovke-RestMethod cases to help get the irm parameters correct. This is assuming the file contents are fairly small and non-binary. If not, you probably need to go to content type multipart/form-data.

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curl's -F is a multipart/form-data POST, so I guess most of this answer is then... not accurate – Daniel Stenberg Apr 22 '13 at 6:39

To solve this, I download curl.exe for windows, and still used curl.

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